EG&G 113 Low-Noise Preamplifier 300 kHz

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EG&G 113
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The EG&G 113 Low-Noise Preamplifier 300 kHz provides high gain, low noise amplification of wideband signals from dc to 300 kHz. Adjustable high and low frequency rolloffs allow the bandwidth to be reduced. Two inputs, with individual coupling switches, allow either differential or single-ended operation. Calibrated gain is switch selectable from x10 to x104 in a 1-2-5 sequence, and an uncalibrated gain vernier provides x1 to x2.5 range expansion. The unit may be powered either from the ac line or from its own batteries. The nickel-cadmium batteries recharge automatically during line operation. Other features include an overload fast-recovery switch, special circuitry that reduces the effects of ground-loop currents, front-panel dc zeroing and common mode rejection screwdriver controls and battery test provisions.


Two channels: Each with three position switch to provide for ac or dc coupled, single-ended or differential operation.
Input Impedance
AC Coupled: Through 0.1 uF, shunted to ground with 100 megohms and 15 pF in parallel.
DC Coupled: 1 gigohm, shunted by 15 pF.
Frequency Response
Low Frequency: dc position and 0.03 Hz to 1 kHz positions in 1-3-10 sequence.
High Frequency: 3 Hz to 300 kHz in 1-3-10 sequence.
Voltage 10 volts pk-pk ahead of 600 ohms
Impedance 600 ohms