EG&G 7260 DSP Lock-in Amplifier

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EG&G 7260 DSP Lock-in Amplifier
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EG&G 7260 DSP Lock-in Amplifier EG&G 7260 DSP Lock-in Amplifier
EG&G 7260
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7260 Datasheet

In its most basic form the lock-in amplifier is an instrument with dual capability. It can recover signals in the presence of an overwhelming noise background or alternatively it can provide high resolution measurements of relatively clean signals over several orders of magnitude and frequency.

Modern instruments, such as the model 7260, offer far more than these two basic characteristics and it is this increased capability which has led to their acceptance in many fields of scientific research, such as optics, electrochemistry, materials science, fundamental physics and electrical engineering, as units which can provide the optimum solution to a large range of measurement problems.
EG&G 7260 Specs
  • Frequency range: 0.001 Hz to 250 kHz
  • Voltage sensitivity: 2 nV to 1 V full-scale
  • Current input mode sensitivities:
    • 2 fA to 1 μA full-scale
    • 2 fA to 10 nA full-scale
  • Line frequency rejection filter
  • Dual phase demodulator with X-Y and R-q outputs
  • Very low phase noise of < 0.0001° rms
  • 5-digit output readings
  • Dual reference mode - allows simultaneous measurement of two signals at
    different reference frequencies up to 20 kHz
  • Single and dual harmonic mode - allows simultaneous measurement of up to two
    different harmonics of a signal
  • Virtual reference mode - allows reference free measurement of signals up to
    60 kHz
  • Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) oscillator with variable amplitude and
  • Oscillator frequency and amplitude sweep generator
  • Output time constant: 10 μs to 100 ks
EG&G 7260 Applications
  • AC Signal Recovery Instrument
  • Transient Recorder
  • Vector Voltmeter
  • Precision Oscillator
  • Phase Meter
  • Frequency Meter
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Noise Measurement Unit