EMI / TDK-Lambda EMHP 30-600 DC Power Supply

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EMI/TDK Lambda EMHP 30-600 DC Power Supply
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Electronic Measurements Inc. EMHP 30-600
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EMHP 30-600 Datasheet
0-30 V, 600 A, DC Power Supply
Electronic Measurements Inc. EMHP 30-600 Features
  • Constant current/constant voltage-automatic crossover
  • Forced air cooling
  • Lifting eye-bolt provisions on top
  • Meters and mode indicator lights
  • Remote programming by resistance, voltage or current
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Contactor on/off interlock control
  • High current ratings at low output voltages
  • Built-in RFI protection
  • Mode lamps
  • Wide variety of output ratings
Electronic Measurements Inc. EMHP 30-600 Specs
Output Voltage (Volts) 0-30
Output Current (Amps) 0-600
60 Hz Voltage Ripple (M vrms) 70
60 Hz Current Ripple (A rms) 1.4
AC Input: The standard AC input is 460 VAC ± 10% 30 60 Hz. The supply will function within full specification from 440 to 480 VAC. Phase-to-phase balance requirements ± 2% is required for ripple specification but phase-to-phase rotation sequence of AC input is not required.
Current draw per phase: 20 kW per phase: 20kW units is 81A @ 208 VAC & 44A @ 440 VAC; 30 kW units is 123A @ 208 VAC & 62A @ 440 VAC; 60 kW units is 119 @ 440 VAC, 208 VAC not available for 60kW units.
Regulation: Effects of line and load variations (within the ratings of the supply) on output voltage or current are within 0.1%. Readings can be affected by output ripple which, by specifications, can exceed this rating.
Stability: Output voltage and current remain within ± 0.05% for 8 hours, with constant external effects.
Transient Response: Output variations, caused by line variations of 10%, and/or load variations between 50% & 100% of rated limits, will typically recover to within 1% of its final value within 200 MS.
Remote Sensing: Maintains regulation at load, compensating for IR drops in the power output leads.
Remote Programming: Resistance programming of either constant-voltage or constant-current modes. Units can also be programmed by an external reference voltage in either mode of operation
Temperature Coefficient:
Output Voltage 0.02%/°C of maximum rating.
Output Current 0.02%/°C of maximum rating.
Operation Temperature: 0°C to 50°C. Derate current linearity to 50% of table rating at 71°C ambient.
Storage Temperature: -40°C to + 85°C
Electronic Measurements Inc. EMHP 30-600 Applications
  • Electromagnetics
  • Magnetic beam bending
  • Cryogenic magnets
  • Large relay systems
  • DC motor power
  • Inverter power source
  • High energy electronic systems
  • Thermodynamic & thermoelectric research
  • Industrial DC Power
  • Battery Charging
  • Precision electro plating
  • Plasma power source
  • High power illumination systems