Elgar CW801M AC Power Supply

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Elgar Power Supplies CW801M
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Manual CW801M Datasheet

The Elgar CW801M is part of the ContinuousWave (CW) Series of AC power sources which provide clean single phase power at an impressive price/performance ratio. These compact switch mode sources come in two series, manual (CW-M) or programmable (CW-P) with standard IEEE-488.2 or RS-232 control. Both series have three power levels, 800 VA, 1250 VA and 2500 VA. The 800 and 1250 VA models are 2U (3.5”) high and allow the unit under test to be connected to the front or rear panel. The 2500 VA model is 3U (5.25”) high with rear panel output connections. All models can be operated in a benchtop or rackmount configuration.

The front panels have two bright four digit, seven segment displays. Power Factor Corrected (PFC) universal input voltage allows maximum power to be delivered from an AC outlet without the user selecting the range. Fully rated current is delivered for either output voltage range of 135 VAC or 270 VAC over a standard frequency range of 45 to 500 Hz. Both series can be paralleled to provide extra power. A separate output-on switch controls power to the load. Remote voltage sense is standard. Transformer coupled output is protected against overvoltage and overcurrent. The unit is also protected against over temperature conditions. A two-speed fan results in quieter operation at lower power levels. All models are CE marked.
Elgar Power Supplies CW801M Features
  • Wide range PFC Input
  • Low THD and AC noise
  • Advanced Measurement Available
  • Field Parallel Configurable
  • Multiple Units Configurable for Poly-Phase Operation
Elgar Power Supplies CW801M Specs
Voltage Range 0 to 135Vrms, 0 to 270Vrms, user selectable
Accuracy (>5VAC) ± 1% of range
Resolution 0.1 Vrms
Total harmonic distortion 0.25% typical <100Hz add 0.5%/100 Hz above 100 Hz
AC noise level (typical) <50 mVRMS
Amplitude stability ±0.1% of full scale
Load regulation ±0.1% of full scale voltage for a full resistive load to no load (<10 mVRMS typical, measured at point of sense)
Line regulation ±0.1% of full scale voltage for a ±10% line change from nominal line voltage (<5 mVRMS typical, measured at point of sense)
Remote voltage sense 5 Vrms total lead voltage drop
135VAC Range 6.0 ARMS
270VAC Range 3.0 ARMS
Accuracy ± 0.5% typical
Resolution 0.1 ARMS
Frequency Range
Range 45 to 500 Hz
Accuracy ±0.5% typical
Resolution 0.1 Hz
Phase Single phase output. Multi-phase system configuration with Digital Expansion Cable
Power Factor of Load 0 lag to 0 lead