Elgar PA 1000 Analyzer

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Elgar PA 1000 Analyzer
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Elgar Power Supplies PA1000
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PA1000 Datasheet

The Elgar European Standards Tester (EST) system incorporates Elgar's powerful SmartWave AC Power Source (SWAE) and the Elgar PA 1000 Analyzer with proprietary applications software to deliver the most accurate harmonic and flicker compliance testing analysis and reporting. It also can be used as a stand alone power analyzer.

Unique among analyzer systems, the Elgar EST Series PA 1000 Analyzer performs all measurements and real-time digital signal processing. The PC is only used to display the User Interface which provides control of the equipment.

The Elgar PA1000 offers full compliance with on-board, self contained, computation. The PA 1000 digital signal processor performs all computations including filtering, weighing, FFTs and DFTs.
Elgar Power Supplies PA1000 Features
  • Sampling rate of 175,000 samples/s
  • 18 bit A-to-D converters
  • 24 bit/80 MIPS real-time DSP
  • Optional Discrete Reference
  • Impedance
  • No range switching required to measure the full 16 amp range
  • Continuous AC power source monitoring
  • Front or rear panel EUT power connections
Elgar Power Supplies PA1000 Standards
Flickermeter complies with EN 868 and EN 61000-4-15