ETS-Lindgren 3106 Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn 200 MHz - 2 GHz

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Rent ETS-Lindgren 3106 Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn
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ETS-Lindgren (EMCO) 3106
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Manual 3106 Datasheet
The ETS-Lindgren 3106 Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn 200 MHz - 2 GHz is a linearly polarized broadband antenna covering the frequency range of 200 MHz to 2.0 GHz. The Model 3106 was designed and built specifically for EMI measurements and specification compliance testing. The Model 3106 has high gain and excellent VSWR characteristics over its entire frequency range. It is especially effective for generating high electromagnetic fields with relatively low power input. The antenna is also useful for receiving low level signals where high gain characteristics are needed. The antenna is precision machined from aluminum making it lightweight and durable. The 50 V type N female connector is mounted on the base block of the antenna providing increased power handling.
ETS-Lindgren (EMCO) 3106 Specs
Frequency Range: 200 MHz – 2 GHz
VSWR Ratio (avg): < 1.6:1
Maximum Continuous Power: 800 W
Peak Power: 1600 W
Impedance (Nominal): 50 Ω
Connector: Type N female