ETS-Lindgren HI-6053 Electric Field Probe

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ETS-Lindgren HI-6053 Electric Field Probe
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ETS-Lindgren (EMCO) HI-6053
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HI-6053 Datasheet
The ETS-Lindgren HI-6053 Electric Field Probe is a battery-powered EFP which operates at a broadband frequency range of 10 MHz to 40 GHz and a dynamic range of 2 to 800 V/m. The dynamic range of this electric field probe measures at 2.0 to 800 V/m. ETS-Lindgren HI-6053 models are specifically designed to take advantage of their wide frequency and dynamic ranges, featuring single-range reading so electric field data can be read continuously over the entire dynamic range. Sensor-enabling field measurements complemented by optical coupling to an array of readout options renders this probe an essential tool in a wide range of field monitoring applications. Operate your ETS-Lindgren HI-6053 through an accessible IEEE-488 and RS-232 serial data interface and display up to four field probe devices' readings simultaneously.
ETS-Lindgren (EMCO) HI-6053 Features
  • Operates at frequency range of 10 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Displays the individual and summed axis values
  • Dynamic range of 2.0 to 800 V/m, single range
  • Powered by user replaceable/rechargeable batteries
  • Calibration report is A2LA accredited
  • Fulfills MIL-STD 461F radiated susceptibility (RS) requirements
  • Fulfills SAE J1113/27, GM W 3091/3097/3101 and FORD FMC1278 requirements
ETS-Lindgren (EMCO) HI-6053 Specs
Detection Isotropic (X, Y, and Z Axis Readings)
Frequency Response with Correction 10 MHz to 18 GHz ± 0.9 dB
18 to 40 GHz ± 1.1 dB
Frequency Range 10 MHz to 40 GHz
Frequency Response 10 to 100 MHz + 3.0, -4.0 dB
100 MHz to 1 GHz +3.0, -0.50 dB
1 to 18 GHz +4.0, -2.0 dB
18 to 40 GHz +3.5, -4.5 dB
Dynamic Range 2 to 800 V/m (Single Range)
Resolution 0.01 V/m
Isotropic Deviation ±1.0 dB < 18 GHz
Linearity ±0.5 dB
Sample Rate (Typical) 70 Samples per Second Maximum
Overload Withstand >1500 V/m CW