Emerson Process Management

Emerson, a global producer of medical and environmental monitoring & simulation equipment, is a featured manufacturer at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals. Emerson has acquired a number of smaller manufacturers, including Rosemount, which specializes in HART test equipment. Emerson also owns Micro Motion, Roxar, Daniel, as well as others. Emerson began as a ceiling fan manufacturer in the 1890s, and today produces equipment that services construction, medical, electrical, and environmental industries and test purposes.

Emerson and Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offer Field Communicators, Machinery Health Analyzers, Calibrators, and Differential Pressure Transducer. HART Field Communicators are handheld tools that are designed to assist with field work. Machine Health Analyzers, a type of Vibration Analyzer, offer diagnostics and analysis for machinery. Differential Pressure Transducers are a type of Calibrator that sense pressure change and covert the difference to a low impedance, high level DC voltage signal.
Emerson Process Management Products