Emerson 1221 Differential Pressure Transducer

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Rosemount 1221 Differential Pressure Transducer
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Emerson Process Management 1221
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The most common and useful industrial pressure measuring instrument is the differential pressure transmitter. This equipment will sense the difference in pressure between two ports and produce an output signal with reference to a calibrated pressure range. The Emerson 1221 senses pressure change through the use of a capacitive pressure sensing capsule. As pressure changes, a change in capacitance occurs. This change is detected and converted to a low impedance, high level DC voltage signal by the signal-conditioning circuitry in the unit.
Emerson Process Management 1221 Specs
Pressure Range -10 psi to +10 psi differential
Output Voltage -5 Vdc to +5 Vdc
Input Power +-15 Vdc
Operating Range -65° F to 160° F
Emerson Process Management 1221 Applications
There are unlimited industrial applications of the Emerson 1221 Differential Pressure Transmitters.
  • Oil and Gas flow metering in onshore, offshore and subsea applications.
  • Water and effluent treatment plants. It is largely used to monitor filters in these plants.
  • It is used to monitor Sprinkler Systems.
  • Remote sensing of Heating Systems for Steam or Hot Water.
  • Pressure drops across valves can be monitored.
  • Pump control monitoring.