Empower 2206 High Power RF Amplifier 1000 - 2000 MHz, 2000 W

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The Empower 2206 High Power RF Amplifier is a pulsed L band high power solid state power amplifier system with a 1000 - 2000 MHz frequency range and a 2000 W power output peak. Empower 2206 RF power amplifiers utilize high power GaN devices and are suitable for octave bandwidth applications. The amplifier architecture is based on Empower's proprietary scalable technology and consists of a 3RU controller with power supply and one 3RU RF power block and is air-cooled. In addition to scalability, the Empower 2206 is inherently rugged due to a design that virtually eliminates every internal connector found in the typical RF/Microwave system amplifier. With a proprietary scalable architecture this amplifier can be easily upgraded to the 4KW 2207 or 8KW 2208 by adding either two or four additional 3U power blocks and one combiner providing you with a cost-effective upgrade path. With two 2206’s, only one additional combiner is needed to configure a 4KW system.