Endevco 2775 Low Noise Signal Conditioner

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Endevco 2775 Low Noise Signal Conditioner
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Meggitt Sensing (formerly Endevco) 2775
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2775 Datasheet
Signal Conditioner
  • 35771 - Filter Card
  • 35818 - Integrator Card
Meggitt Sensing (formerly Endevco) 2775 Features
  • Multi-use, Wide Dynamic Range, Low Noise Signal Conditioner
  • PE, ISOTRON® and Remote Charge Converter Inputs
  • AC, Servo and DC Outputs
  • Isolated Input
  • Optional Filter or Integrator
Meggitt Sensing (formerly Endevco) 2775 Specs
Piezoelectric (PE) Input

Single-ended with one side connected to input common.

  • Input Charge: 3000 to 110 000 pC maximum depending on gain for instantaneous recovery


Isotron® Input

Single-ended with one side connected to input common.

  • Constant Current Excitation Supply: Adjustable from 0.5 to 20 mA DC with control located on main circuit board, factory set at 4 mA
  • Compliance Voltage: 21V maximum (AC + DC components)


Grounded Input Mode

The input common is connected to output common


Isolated Input Mode

The input common is isolated from output common by 50 M ohms minimum resistance in shunt with 600 pF maximum capacitance.

  • Common Mode Voltage: 6V pk maximum to meet all specifications; 500V pk absolute maximum without damage


Test Input

This input allows the insertion of a signal in series (transformer coupled) with the cable and the PE transducer.


External Calibration Input

An external calibration signal may be applied to the charge converter input through an internal capacitor of 1000 pF ± 0.5%



All Outputs are short-circuit protected, single-ended with one side connected to output common.


AC Output
  • Full Scale Voltage: 1V pk to 10V pk adjustable. Linear to 12V pk. Factory set at 10Vpk
  • Output Current: 85 mA pk maximum
  • Output DC Offset: 20 mV maximum, < 5mV typical


DC Output

This output is proportional to the peak average of the AC output signal.

  • Full Scale Output Voltage: 10 VDC
  • Output Current: 3 mA DC maximum
  • Output Offset Voltage: 30 mV DC maximum < 5mV DC typical


Servo Output
  • Output Sensitivity: Internally selectable 10mV/g, 100mV/g
  • Linear Output: 12V pk maximum from 1Hz to 20KHz
  • Output Current: 3mA pk maximum over specified frequency range
  • DC Offset: 17mV maximum, < 5mV typical


Gain Range: .03 to 1000
Full Scale Ranges
Sensitivity Multiplier Full Scale Ranges, g pk
0.1 10 30 0.1k 0.3k 1k 3k
1 1 3 10 30 0.1k 0.3k
10 0.1 0.3 1 3 10 30
100 0.1 0.3 1 3    



The gain is flat within its bandwidth.



Input Voltage - Selectable through a switch located on the main board

  • 90 - 110 V rms
  • 105 - 125 V rms
  • 210 - 250 V rms


  • PE Input: 10 - 32 Microdot®
  • Remote Input and Outputs: BNC, UG, 1094/U or equivalent