Endevco 2792a Signal Conditioner

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Endevco 2792a Signal Conditioner Single-ended
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Meggitt Sensing (formerly Endevco) 2792A
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The Endevco 2792a 8-Channel Isotron Signal Conditioner is designed for use with Isotron accelerometers or any other integral electronics piezoelectric accelerometer which requires a constant current power supply with a compliance voltage. The signal Conditioner will accept a maximum input voltage range of +15V which is the sum or the quiescent accelerometer voltage and the accelerometer vibration output voltage.
  • 35771 - Filter Card
  • 35818 - Integrator Card
Meggitt Sensing (formerly Endevco) 2792A Specs
Input Characteristics
Input Type Single-ended with one side connected to the circuit ground
Voltage Range Linear voltage range is between zero and +15V
Excitation Current 10mA +10%
Fault Indicators Indicators will light if the accelerometer is not connected or is short cicuit
Sensitivity Adjustment A 4 digit push button switch is used to normalize each channel to allow for variation in nominal sensitivity of the accelerometer
Crosstalk Less than 20.0 mV rms TRO or 1.0 mV rms RTI, whichever is greater
Output Characteristics
Output Connection Single-ended with one side connected to the circuit ground
Impedance 10 ohms max in series with at least 40uF
Linear Output Voltage 10V peak-to-peak or greater
Residual Noise Less than 0.4mVrms for gain between 0.5 to 2.0
Less than 2mVrms for gain between 5.0 to 20.0 within
a 30 kHz bandwidth
Transfer Characteristics
Gain 1 to 10 controlled by front panel switch
0.1 to 1000 controlled by sensitivity switch
Gain Error +1.5%
Frequency Response +5.0% from 1Hz to 30kHz
Amplitude Linearity Within 1.0% of reading from best-fit straight line approximation to the curve of output versus input for signals of full scale or less
Harmonic Distortion Less than 1.0% for signals of full scale or less at any gain from 0.5 to 20.0



Input Voltage - Selectable through a switch located on the main board

  • 90 - 110 V rms
  • 105 - 125 V rms
  • 210 - 250 V rms


  • PE Input: 10 - 32 Microdot®
  • Remote Input and Outputs: BNC, UG, 1094/U or equivalent