Espec EPL-4H Temperature and Humidity Chamber

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The Espec EPL-4H Temperature and Humidity Chamber brings low maintenance, high reliability, unique design, and user-friendly features into a single chamber. Powered by forward-looking algorithms and electronic expansion valves, the user can expect fast ramping, better stabilization, and energy savings. The new P-300 controller makes environmental testing easier along with the user interface with quick access to any screen. Standard USB and optional Ethernet interfaces make programming and data acquisition much simpler.

The Espec EPL-4H features stainless steel exterior and interior, energy-efficient refrigeration, hinged service panels, and thermal break construction for extreme testing. The test area receives constant controlled airflow through the blower positioned right above it inside the chamber. Next to the blower are heaters, cooling coil, and a humidity bath for other temperature control settings. The humidity bath heats water right in the chamber for faster response and easier maintenance. The rounded interior corners make transporting the chamber easier with less risk of damaging the product or testing environment.

The Espec EPL-4H is part of the Espec Platinous H Series of Temperature and Humidity Chambers.