Espec EPX-3H Temperature & Humidity Chamber

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The Espec EPX-3H Temperature and Humidity Chambers help meet specific environmental testing requirements. The Espec EPX-3H has a distinct design and user-friendly features, low maintenance requirements, and high reliability. In addition to being more functional, the EPX-3H has the "ahead-looking" algorithms and electronic expansion valves for quicker ramping, better stabilization, and energy savings. The P-300 controller from Espec makes using the EPX-3H environmental test chamber easier for technicians. Access to any screen is made faster with a modernized "tabbed" user interface. With the Espec EPX-3H, programming and data capture are significantly easier, due to the standard USB and optional Ethernet interfaces. The EPX-3H allows technicians to store up to forty programs and three constant-mode configurations.

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