Espec EPX-3H Ultra-Cold Temperature and Humidity Chamber

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Rent Espec EPX-3H Ultra-Cold Temperature and Humidity Chamber
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Espec EPX-3H
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EPX-3H Datasheet
If you have ever used an environmental chamber before, you'll be quick to appreciate the unique design and friendly features of the Espec EPX-3H chamber. First time users will enjoy the ease of use, low maintenance requirements, and high reliability of this chamber. In addition to being much more functional, Espec Platinous chambers have a sleek, contemporary appearance that adds a professional touch to your testing operation. Invisible to the end-user, the Platinous H-series refrigeration has been improved with unique 'forward looking' algorithms and electronic expansion valves for faster ramping, better stabilization, and energy savings.
Espec EPX-3H Specs
Temperature Range: -70°C to 180°C (-94°F to 356°F)
Temperature Fluctuation: ±0.3°C (up to 100°C)
Temperature Gradient: ±0.5°C (up to 100°C)