Espec Tensile Test Chambers Series

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Espec Tensile Test Chambers are an integral part of material development. Materials that require this test include various metals, plastics, paper, fabrics, fibers, composites, and films for many industries. ESPEC tensile test chambers are designed to work with any brand machine and can be customized to meet unique application needs. Using a refrigeration system instead of liquid nitrogen to cool the chamber allows Espec tensile test chambers to introduce humidity, expanding the scope of traditional materials strength testing. The Tensile Test Chambers Series provides a chamber and cart designed to fit tensile test machines and benches by Instron, MTS, and other brands. A full-opening door with silicone gaskets, hinged on the left side, is included. Both interior and exterior are stainless steel, and slots in the top and bottom of the chamber are available for test grips.

The Espec Tensile Test Chambers Series consists of the following models: the ETTZ-WWA and the ETTX-WWA.