Espec TSA 73EL-A Thermal Shock Chamber

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The Espec TSA 73EL-A Thermal Shock Chamber is a user-friendly device powered by advanced technology. While inside the chamber, test subjects do not shift an inch during the duration of the test while kept at the desired temperature through the horizontal airflow system. This instrument utilizes the latest refrigeration technology such as electronic expansion valves and scroll compressor.

The Espec TSA 73EL-A comes with a 9" display which allows the user to view all of the relevant information. The tester can select the data they wish to transfer from the chamber through the USB port. The Espec TSA 73EL-A is powerful, accurate, and reliable, making it an invaluable tool for your testing needs.

The Espec TSA 73EL-A is part of the Espec TSA Series of Thermal Shock Chambers.