EMCO/ETS-Lindgren 2090 Multi-Device Positioning Controller

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ETS-Lindgren's Model 2090 Multi-Device Positioning Controller is designed for use with ETS-Lindgren positioning devices such as Antenna Towers, Turntables, Reverberation Paddles, Multi-Axis Positioners, etc. to accomplish a variety of tests from EMC compliance, antenna pattern measurements and more.

The Model 2090 Multi-Device Positioning Controller allows the user to synchronize the simultaneous, yet independent movement of two primary devices such as towers or turntables in either manual or remote GPIB modes while controlling the on/off operation. The fiber optic control lines that attach devices to the unit eliminate extraneous RF interference signals that can normally be conducted through wire signal cables.

The front panel of the Model 2090 Multi-Device Positioning Controller provides interface for two separate and complete device controllers, each with identical displays and function keys. The function keys let the user configure device specific parameters, adjust limit and position settings, and control device interface to show positioning and operational information, as well as device parameter settings. In addition to the two primary device interfaces, there is an auxiliary control interface for four auxiliary devices. This interface provides keys and indicators to allow the user to manually toggle the auxiliary devices on and off.

The EMCO / ETS-Lindgren 2090 Multi-Device Positioning Controller provides an extensive set of parameters for configuration of the controller and the attached devices. GPOB commands are provided to allow programs to determine the device type and configuration. Parameters like encoder calibration allow the Model 2090 Multi-Device Positioning Controller to control non-ETS-Lindgren products using a suitable adapter kit.