EMCO 3101 Conical Log Spiral, 200 MHz - 1 GHz

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MIL-STD testing and SAE testing were the initial motivation behind the design of the 3101 Antenna by the Department of Defense. More recently, alternative testing has found use for this class of conical log spiral antennas. Effective at measuring the spectral characteristics of RF, EMCO's 3101 is an ideal rental for a close-view snapshot of RF emissions.

A broad variety of EMC testing using this model is common and often referred to as a MIL-STD 461 antenna, MilStd RE102 Antenna, MilStd 462 Antenna, MilStd 1541 Antenna, SAE ARP 958 Antenna, or an SAE J1113 RI Antenna. Conical log spirals are ideal for testing to these standards and reasonably large field strength can be generated with moderate input. Electromagnetic site surveys are also performed with the EMCO ETS-Lindgren 3101. Placing the antennas perpendicular to the ground plane (vertical) allows for an omni-directional application that is horizontally polarized.

Windings on the outside help dissipate heat and the cone is attached to a delrin rod and aluminum base. The mount base works with standard ¼" X 20 tripod threads and the compact size makes it extremely stable. The windings are coaxial cable fixed to a fiberglass cone that is relatively sturdy and lightweight. For other related products, see our antenna rental page or equipment list.