ETS-Lindgren 3142C BiConiLog Antenna, 26 MHz - 3 GHz

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The ETS-Lindgren 3142C BiConiLog Antenna is a hybrid antenna that combines innovative design, compact size, and excellent performance. This antenna enables users to measure a frequency range of 26 MHz to 3.0 GHz in one sweep, negating the need for multiple antennas and time-consuming equipment setup. This single sweep capability removes the need for multiple antennas and additional equipment, which improves accuracy and saves time and money.

This BiConiLog is designed as a dual purpose antenna that can be used for both immunity and emission testing. From 26 MHz to 60 MHz, the Model 3142C antenna with optional end plates exhibits an average 5.5 dB gain improvement vs. typical hybrid antennas. At some frequencies, a 10 dB gain improvement is achieved.
  • Optional T Bow-Tie end plates (shown below)
  • ETS-Lindgren offers several non-metallic, non-reflective tripods for use at EMC test sites. For easy horizontal and vertical polarization changes, the Model 7-TR tripod is recommended