ETS-Lindgren 7605/7606 Coil/Shielded Coil Antennas

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The ETS-Lindgren 7605/7606 Coil/Shielded Coil Antennas are used as part of a system to verify the ability of an EUT to withstand radiating magnetic fields. The Model 7605 is a 20-turn coil of AWG-12 enamel-insulated copper wire and features a 5 cm spacing from the top of the loop to the center-point of the coils as per MIL-STD 462D. The Model 7606 sensing loop is a 4 cm diameter, electrostatically-shielded loop antenna which has 51 turns of 7-strand AWG-41 Litz wire. The model 7605 is now the recommended antenna for ISO 11452-8 "Road vehicles - Component test methods for electrical disturbances for narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy - Part 8: Immunity magnetic fields." The model 7605 produces a magnetic flux density of 9.5x107 pT/A, or 160dB(pT/A), on axis at a distance of 5 cm from its center. The model 7606 is used together with the model 7605 to calibrate the model 7605 and the other instrumentation used in the test. A table containing the conversion factors for the model 7606 can be found in the manual.