EXFO FTB-5503 PMD Analyzer Module

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The EXFO FTB-5503 PMD Analyzer Module represents a significant danger to both legacy and newly deployed networks. And as systems of 10 Gbit/s and faster develop, PMD concern and awareness continue to grow. Exfo’s FTB-5503 PMD analyzer helps you get ahead in the field. Whether you need to verify the capacity of legacy fiber or maintain a network, the modular FTB-5503 is fast, reliable and ready to go. The rugged FTB-5503 features a market-leading PMD measurement time of less than five seconds—for any PMD value.


Wavelength (nm) 1550
Analysis range (ps) standard (typ.) 0.05 to 35
Extended Range (typ.) 0.05 to 200
Dynamics range (dB) 40 (48)
Average Measuring Time (s) 15