Fiberscope Advanced Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD

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The Fiberscope Advanced Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD is an expertly designed steerable pipe inspection robot that is loaded with useful features. These units are among the most advanced crawlers which can be used to inspect storm water lines, sewer drainage, construction areas, duct work, gas lines, and industrial sites. This product is perfectly suited to use in areas from 150mm (6”) up to 3 meters (9.8 ft), and up to lengths of 500 meter (1640 ft) thanks to the modular design.

The Fiberscope APC SIGMA HD comes in two configurations: a SIGMA HD 150 with a manual reel, and the more advanced SIGMA HD 200 with a motorized reel, extra sets of wheels and an auxiliary LED light. Both crawlers come standard with features such as full HD color pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) camera head, steerable crawler robot, G8 aramid reinforced cable with winch system, and a portable control box with dual touchscreen monitors. All Fiberscope SIGMA HD pipe crawlers have the option to add additional LED lighting and additional wheel sets for larger diameter inspections. These crawlers are also modular and can be customized for different applications and inspection areas as you want.