Fischer Custom Communications F-120-9A

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Fischer Custom Communications F-120-9A Bulk Current Injection Probe
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Fischer Custom Communications F-120-9A
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F-120-9A Datasheet Brochure
The F-120-9A has been designed to extend the use of conducted immunity testing over the bandwidth of 10 kHz – 230 MHz. The usable frequency range is 10 kHz - 230 MHz with an insertion loss of less than 8 dB between 150 kHz – 200 MHz. The input power rating is 100 watts for 30 minutes.
Fischer Custom Communications F-120-9A Features
  • 7 dB attenuation between 100 kHz and 230 MHz when measured into a 50 ohms fixture
  • Perform IEC 1000-4-6 testing with 20 watts or less of RF power
  • Usable up to 200 watts
  • Accommodates EUT cables up to 40 mm in diameter
Fischer Custom Communications F-120-9A Specs
Frequency 10 kHz - 2 30 MHz
Internal Diameter 40 mm (1.58 inches)
External Diameter 127 mm (5 inches)
Thickness 134 mm (5.28 inches)
Input Power 100 watts for 30 minutes or 200 watts for 15 minutes
Connector Type N
Fischer Custom Communications F-120-9A Applications
Bulk current injection (BCI) methods are used to evaluate electromagnetic susceptibility of a wide range of electronic devices including automotive, avionics, computing, medical and telecommunications equipment. During normal operation of the equipment under test. These conductors include the signal, control and power circuits of equipment being evaluated.