FLIR E95 Thermal Imaging Camera

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The FLIR E95 Thermal Imaging Camera diagnoses electrical faults, finds hidden deficiencies, and keeps your workplace running smoothly with its high-performance features: laser-assisted autofocus, on-screen area measurement, 161,472 (464 x 348) points of temperature measurement, wide temperature ranges up to 1500°C. The FLIR E95 has a superior spot-size ratio and is sensitive enough to detect minute temperature differences. The E95 features a big, brilliant new touchscreen with a 160° viewing angle, to help you keep an eye on the thermal image as you work. Plus, with image enhancement options such as MSX® and UltraMax®, you'll get the best image clarity every time.

The FLIR E95 Thermal Imaging Camera is a model of the FLIR Exx-Series of Advanced Thermal Imaging Cameras.