FLIR T1020-28 Thermal Camera

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The FLIR T1020-28 Thermal Camera is an infrared imaging device that delivers 1024 × 768 pixel IR resolution photos and videos with a 3.1 MP pixel count. The FLIR T1020-28 has temperature measurements that can detect temperature differences with  thermal sensitivity at a minimum of -20 mK. With T1020-28's advanced vision processing system, users can capture detailed and smooth pictures under minimum audio disturbance.

The OSX™ Precision HDIR optical system continuously autofocuses and allows technicians to capture wide-angle and telephoto temperature recordings, delivering crisp resolution even at long distances. The T1020 also adds perspective by marking visual details onto the thermal image allowing users to see labels and identify locations. The FLIR T1020-28 has a new graphic user interface that improves navigation on the camera and a 1-Touch Level/Span live image enhancement.

The FLIR T1020 is also equipped with a 120° rotating optical block, providing a bright and high-resolution LCD viewfinder. This option assures that any intended target is readily viewable from any perspective and maximizes viewing angles. Choose either from the FLIR T1020-28 or the FLIR T1020-45 thermal imaging camera lenses below;
FLIR T1020-28  28° 36mm - standard FOV lens
FLIR T1020-45    45°    21.2mm - 2x magnitude of standard lens