Fluke 515A Portable AC/DCV and Ohms Calibrator

Fluke 515A Portable Calibrator
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Fluke Calibration 515A
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Portable AC/DCV and Ohms Calibrator
Fluke Calibration 515A Specs
  • Precision voltage and resistance calibration source for on-site calibration
  • Direct Voltage
      µV: 0 to 99µV continuous (0.2µV resolution)
      1V: 0 to 1.0V in 0.1V steps
      10V: 0 to 10V in 1V steps
      100V: 100V cardinal point
  • Alternating Voltage
    Range: 1V, 10V, 100V cardinal points
    Output Frequencies:
      10V: 400Hz, 4kHz, 50kHz
      1V, 100V: 400Hz
  • Resistance
    Range: 10 ohms through 100M ohms in decade steps + zero setting
  • Power: 100, 115, 200, 230V ac, ±10%, 50 to 440Hz, <10W, or internal batteries. Eight hours operation from batteries when fully charged
  • Weight: 13 lbs