Fluke 6135A Phasor Measurement Unit Calibration System

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The Fluke 6135A Phasor Measurement Unit Calibration System product has been replaced by a new product.

Today's smart grid relies on phasor measurement units (PMUs) to deliver real-time, mission critical data on the voltage, current, frequency and phase within the distribution grid. To ensure consistent, accurate and credible PMU data, it is essential that PMUs be properly calibrated.

The Fluke 6135A Phasor Measurement Unit Calibration System is the only fully automated and traceable PMU calibration system available today. It is an ideal solution for PMU designers and manufacturers, as well as for national metrology institutes (NMIs). It's also a perfect solution for third party calibration houses, electrical power utilities and organizations associated with electrical power transmission.

Applications include calibrating PMUs before they are installed, and as required throughout their operational life; performing type tests of PMUs and other power grid tools; and performing first article approvals. Because the 6135A includes a three-phase 6135A Electrical Power Calibration Standard, you can also use it to calibrate wide workload of electrical power and power quality test instruments.

The integrated 6135A/PMUCAL system fully complies to the IEEE C37.118.1-2011 and section 7 of IEEE C37.242:2013 standards for PMU operation and verification. Because it is fully automated, even non-expert users can start using it quickly, performing a complete complement of required tests in just a few hours, as opposed to many days with manual techniques.