Fluke CFP2-100-Q Certifiber Pro Optical Loss Test Sets

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The Fluke Certifiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set supports both single-mode and multimode, allows operators to complete copper certification, and provides Wi-Fi analysis.


What Is The CFP2-100-QI & CFP2-100-Q?

The test set uses LinkWare Management Software. The CFP2-100-Q model is a quad OLTS V2 kit with Wi-Fi. The CFP2-100-QI model has double ended inspection and Wi-Fi. Built on the future-ready Versiv platform, the Fluke Networks CFP-100-QI provides merged Tier 1 (basic) / Tier 2 (extended) testing and reporting when paired with the OptiFiber Pro module. Double ended inspection makes this model distinct. With a simplified user interface, errors are minimized and troubleshooting processes are more efficient.

Benefits of The CFP2-100-QI

The device allows users to inspect fiber optic connector end-faces. With a set reference wizard that helps confirm the correct reference setting and minimizes negative loss errors, the Certifiber Pro is an innovative and precise instrument.