Fluke DSP-PCI-6S Path Cord Interface Adapter

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The DSP-PCI-6S adapters test Category 6 patch cords and cable in accordance with the TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 Category 6 and IEC 61935-2 standards. These adapters, which meet backwards-compatibility requirements, also test Category 5 and 5e patch cords according to TIA/EIA and IEC standards. The DSP-PCI-6S Patch Cord Interface Adapter Set comes with the following: one DSP-PCI-M6 patch cord test adapter for the main DSP-4x00 unit; one DSP-PCI-R6 patch cord test adapter for the remote DSP-4x00 unit; DSP-PCI/DSP-SPOOL Test Interface Adapters CD-ROM; test specification database (on CD-ROM).