Fluke 9140 Field Dry-Well

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Fluke 9140
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9140 Datasheet
The Fluke 9140 Field Dry-Well has a temperature range of 35 °C to 350 °C, and it reaches its maximum temperature in 12 minutes. At six pounds, it's small enough to easily carry in one hand. It's truly a unique innovation in dry-wells. The unit has a stability of ±0.05 °C or better and a uniformity of at least 0.4 °C in the largest-diameter wells and 0.1 °C in the smaller wells. Despite its small size, this unit performs. Use the display, calibrated to ±0.5 °C, as your reference, or use an external thermometer for maximum calibration accuracy. With three removable inserts to choose from, the 9140 is as versatile as it is fast.
Fluke 9140 Specs
Range: 35°C to 350°C (95°F to 662°F)
Accuracy: ±0.5°C (holes greater than 1/4" [6.35mm]: ±1°C)
Stability: ±0.03°C at 50°C
±0.05°C at 350°C
Well-to-Well Uniformity: ±0.1°C with similarly sized wells
Heating Times: 12 minutes from ambient to 350°C
Cooling Times: 15 minutes from 350°C to 100°C
Stabilization Time: 7 minutes
Immersion Depth: 124 mm (4.875")
Inserts: Insert A, B, C, or D included (specify when ordering)
Outside Insert Dimensions: 31.8 mm dia. x 124 mm (1.25 x 4.88 in)
Computer Interface: RS-232 included with free Interface-it software (Model 9930)
Power: 115 V ac (±10%), 4.4 A or 230 V ac (±10%), 2.2 A, switchable, 50/60 Hz, 500 W
Size (WxHxD): 152 x 86 x 197 mm
(6 x 3.375 x 7.75 in)
Weight: 2.7 kg (6 lb)
NIST-Traceable Certificate: Data at 50°C, 100°C, 150°C, 200°C, 250°C, 300°C, and 350°C