Folyon Technologies H300RTH Temperature & Humidity Chamber

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The Folyon Technologies H300RTH Temperature & Humidity Chamber is a simple to use, versatile device that excels in profiling control for both temperature and humidity. Its super compact design allows it to be placed on any tabletop. The chamber features a solid state design which means low noise and low power operation. The solid state design also removes the need for user maintenance other than refilling water and desiccant. A profiling controller allows the user to setup a program for the chamber to follow.

The Folyon Technologies H300RTH can be comfortably situated on any tabletop and is easily transported to any location where testing takes place. Low user maintenance beyond refilling water and desiccant helps keep external costs low and the focus on the test at hand rather than stressing about mechanical failure. The Folyon Technologies H300RTH also comes with a transparent chamber door with internal LED lighting for increased visibility. Cable management is simple due to the three 1.25" diameter ports located throughout the chamber.