Fowler X-PRO Portable Surface Roughness Tester

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Rent Fowler X-PRO Portable Surface Roughness Tester
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Fowler X-PRO
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Feature packed, compact and very economically priced, Flower's X-Pro portable surface roughness tester is the perfect profilometer for making traceable surface roughness measurements on a wide variety of surfaces including small inside diameters.

Use the X-Pro for a variety surface roughness assessments including flat, inside/outside diameters and many difficult to gauge test surfaces.


Robustly constructed, featuring a durable cast housing, and designed for shop or laboratory use, the X-Pro will provide years of reliable and accurate surface finish assessment. The X-Pro is also designed to take measurements from a variety of positions and several angles. It works on both horizontal ad vertical surfaces and can even be used upside down.

Fowler X-PRO Features
  • Ra - Average Roughness
  • Rz - Max Roughness depth (DIN)
  • Meets ANSI, ISO, DIN, & MIL Specifications
  • Supports Multiple Cut-off Traverse settings
  • Convenient digital display located on top
  • Easy to read 3 Digit LCD readout
  • Roughness in micro-inches or micrometers
  • Vee Base for location on round parts
  • Battery Low indicator
  • Models with RS-232 Output for SPC
  • Works on standard 9V Alkaline battery
  • Includes fitted case, standard & probe
  • Supplied with Reference Specimen
  • Included Specimen Calibration Certificate
Fowler X-PRO Specs
Overall Dimensions: Approx. 6"x3.5"x1.7" (150mm x 88mm x 43mm)
Weight 21 oz. (495g)
Measuring Ranges

Ra-1µ: to 250µ" (.03µm to 6.35µm)    

Rz*- 8µ" to 999µ" (.2µm to 25.3µm)

Display Resolution 1µ" (.01µm)
Accuracy Meets ANSI-B46.1, ISO, DIN, & MIL
Max. Stylus Force 1500mfg/15.0mN
Cut-off: .025/0.8/2.5mm) ANSI 2RC filter
Traverse Speed: 5.08mm (0.2") per second
Digital Readout: LCD; 3 digit; "Battery Low" signal
Probe Type: Piezoelectric
Power Supply: 9 Volt Battery
Battery Capacity Approx. 3000 Readings
Operating Temp. 50° to 113°F (10° to 45°C)
Storage Temp. 32° to 147°F (0° to 60°C)