Fujikura FSM-18S Fiber Arc Fusion Splicer

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Fujikura FSM-18S Fiber Arc Fusion Splicer
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Fujikura (AFL Telecommunications) FSM-18S
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Single Fiber Fusion Splicer
Fujikura (AFL Telecommunications) FSM-18S Features
  • Core-to-core fiber alignment system with PAS technology.
  • Universal Fiber Clamp for the fiber with the diameter of 80mm to 400mm.
  • V- groove Driving System for various kinds of splicing work.
  • Short cleaved length splicing capability.
  • Splice loss estimation function.
  • Sweep arc function for various kinds of dissimilar fiber splicing.
  • Power monitor feedback alignment capability with GP-IB interface.
  • USB terminal and serial port for PC communication.
Fujikura (AFL Telecommunications) FSM-18S Specs
Applicable fibers SM (ITU-T G.652), MM (ITU-T G.651), DS (ITU-T G.653), NZDS (ITU-T G.655)
Fiber count Single
Cladding diameter 125μm
Coating diameter 100μm to 1,000μm
Fiber cleaved length 8mm to 10mm (standard)
3mm to 5mm (short cleaved length)
Actual average splice loss 0.05dB with SM, 0.02dB with MM, 0.08dB with DS, 0.08dB with NZDS.
Measured by cut-back method relevant to ITU-T standards.
Splice time Typical 11 sec. with standard SM fiber.
Return loss 60dB or greater
Splicing modes Total number available equals 100; for pre-set modes and user programmable modes
Splice loss estimate Several types of core deformations as well as core axis offset are taken into account for accurate loss estimate.
Storage of splice result The last 2000 results to be stored in the internal memory.
Fiber display X/Y, or X and Y simultaneously
Magnification 300x for single X or Y view, or 187x for X and Y view.
Viewing method By two CMOS cameras for fiber viewing and 4.1inches TFT color LCD monitor
Operating condition 0-3660m above sea level, 0-95% RH and -10 to 50°C respectively.
Mechanical proof test 2N (standard)
Tube heater Built-in auto-start tube heater with 10 heating modes and up to 20 for reference
Tube heat time Typical 30 sec.with FP-03 protection sleeve
Applicable protection sleeve length 60mm, 40mm and a series of micro sleeves
Power supply Auto voltage selection from 100 to 240Va.c. or 10 to 15Vd.c. with ADC-13. 13.2Vd.c. with BTR-08
Wind protection Max. wind velocity of 15m/s
Dimensions 136(W) x 161(D) x 143(H) mm
Weight 2.1kg, with ADC-13 AC Adapter, 2.5kg, with BTR-08 Battery