Future-Tech Digital FR-e Series Rockwell Type Hardness Tester

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Rent Future-Tech Digital FR-e Series Rockwell Type Hardness Tester
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Future Tech Corp. FR-e
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FR-e Datasheet
Rockwell Type Hardness Tester
Future Tech Corp. FR-e Features
  • Hardness Conversion: Hardness conversion for many scales are displayed on the panel in compliance with SAE (J-417b) and ASTM (E-18).
  • OK / NG Criteria: Capable to set upper and lower limits and OK/NG display.
  • Plastic Measurement Mode as Standard Function: Specific measuring method for plastics in compliance with ASTM and JIS is activated by one-touch easy operation.
  • Steady Load Spindle Mechanism: Two ball guides are adapted on upper and lower parts of special load spindle. It brings constant and accurate measurement on cylindrical and spherical surface.
  • Easy “Zero” Setting with Level Meter and Electronic Sound: The minor load can be set easily without watching the digital display by means of the LED level meter and electronic sound.
  • Automatic Start Loading: In “AUTO” measuring mode test load is automatically applied once the minor load has been set (290.0 to 299.9 on the digital display). Automatic load application does not start if the minor load exceeds the range (over 300.0 on the digital display). Manual start is also capable.
  • RS-232C Output as Standard: In addition to CENTRONICS output, RS232C output for computer or printer is available as standard.
  • User Friendly Operation Panel: All test conditions like as measuring scale, dwell time, conversion scale, etc can be set on the durable front membrane sheet panel. It is really easy operation.