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Gauss Instruments TDEMI X Series
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Gauss Instruments TDEMI X
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TDEMI X Datasheet
GAUSS INSTRUMENTS TDEMI eXreme (X) EMI Receivers brandish a stunningly powerful instantaneous bandwidth of 645 MHz, performing 64,000 times faster than conventional receivers. The TDEMI X wields both a fully integrated spectrum analyzer and a real-time spectrum analyzer, with the additional option of a two-channel oscilloscope, extending the frequency range even down to DC.  All TDEMI X models adhere to a wide array of testing requirements, including civil (e. g. CISPR, EN, FCC Part 15, ANSI C63.2, ANSI C63.4), military (e. g. MIL-461G and its previous versions and revisions) and avionic standards (e. g. DO-160). Adaptable to any lab environment, the TDEMI X is also capable of frequency range customization in increments ranging from 1-40GHz.

This EMI Receiver includes superhet. frequency mixing, which is implemented fully digital in the frequency range up to 1 GHz. Higher than 1 GHz, an ultra-broadband down-conversion reduces frequencies to the digital IF level. Instrument configuration is available either through an AM/FM demodulator or headphone output. Receiver mode is enhanced by the Shortterm-FFT system, speeding up your EMC measurements by a factor of up to 16,000. To demonstrate, a full scan with the TDEMI X's quasi-peak detector, in the range of 30 MHz - 1 GHz, is carried out in less than 10 seconds. 

TDEMI X devices provide a diverse array of modes, each offering sophisticated anlysis. The APD Function and Histogram Mode offers amplitude probability distribution measurement, and its histogram display, with a color depth of 16.78 million, enables the user to analyze and distinguish intermittent narrow and broadband disturbances to detect masked signals easily. In Spectrum Analyzer Mode, innovative multi-channel technology is applied to increase measurement speed to the aforementioned factor of 64,000. This corresponds to the strength of 64,000 full-digital individual superhet. receivers. Time-Domain mode disperses a real-time bandwith of 1 GHz and enables a broadband acquisition of signals with the highest resolution in its class.

The GAUSS INSTRUMENTS TDEMI X EMI Receiver Series includes the TDEMI X1, TDEMI X3, TDEMI X6, TDEMI X18, TDEMI X26 and TDEMI X40 models.
Gauss Instruments TDEMI X Features
  • Real Time Spectrogram
    • Real-time bandwith of 162.5 MHz, 645 MHz Upgrade Option
    • Peak, Average and RMS Detector
  • Time-Domain Analysis
    • 1 GHz Bandwidth, 16 Bit Resolution
    • Sampling Rate of 2.6 GS/s, 32000 Samples
  • RF Input</th>
    • N Standard Connector: 50 Ohm
    • RF Input Connector: N(F) 50 Ohm
  • Input Power
    • 230 V +/- 20% 50 Hz
    • 110V +/- 10% 60 Hz
  • ​Frequency Range from DC up to 40 GHz
  • Dynamic range of more than 100 dB
  • 64000 times faster than conventional receivers
  • All 6dB RBWs acc. to CISPR, MIL, DO, and ANSI
  • 3dB RBWs in 145 steps
  • Multi-functional and easily upgradeable
  • Conventional and FFT-based leading-edge technology
Gauss Instruments TDEMI X Specs
TDEMI eXtreme Model X1 X3 X6 X18 X26 X40
Freq. Range 9KHz - 1GHz 9KHz - 3GHz 9KHz - 6GHz 9KHz - 18GHz 9KHz - 26.5GHz 9KHz - 40GHz
Phase Noise 1 kHz 10 kHz 100 kHz 1 MHz
SSB Phase Noise 1 GHz typ.
(X1, X3, X6, X18, X26, X40)
-100 dBc/Hz -95 dBc/Hz -100 dBc/Hz -135 dBc/Hz
SSB Phase Noise 6 GHz typ.
(X6, X18, X26, X40)
-100 dBc/Hz -90 dBc/Hz -123 dBc/Hz -145 dBc/Hz