GE Panametrics C-ET Clamp-on Waveguide Transducer System

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GE Panametrics C-ET
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C-ET Datasheet
The clamp-on extended temperature (C-ET) range transducer system provides liquid flow measurement in very low- or very high temperature applications. It represents GE's latest generation of non-contact, demanding measurement transducers and capitalizes on more than 20 years of experience from the OKS transducer system.

The C-ET system is designed to isolate the transducer from the extreme process conditions, allowing it to measure high temperature hydrocarbon liquids, super-heated water, heat transfer oils and cryogenic liquids. In addition, the C-ET system retains all of the characteristics that make ultrasonic technology best for critical process measurements under harsh conditions.
GE Panametrics C-ET Features
  • Measurements at extremely high process temperatures (400°C/752°F) and at extremely low process temperatures (-200°C/-328°F)
  • Clamp-on installation does not require process shutdown
  • No penetration into the pipe and no risk of leaks
  • No restrictions to cause clogging and no pressure drop
  • No drifting and no periodic calibration
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Low flow measurement, down to 0.03 m/s (0.1 ft/sec)