Gould TA11-8 Portable Recording System

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Gould TA11-8
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Gould TA11-8
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Signal Monitoring
  • Integrates a large LCD panel into a flip-panel to provide recording-system function of signal monitoring
  • While viewing signals on the monitor, you can set trace position, signal gain, and signal offset without running the chart
  • Displays signals on its monitor as they occur; instead of waiting for the chart or changing the chart speed momentarily, you view signal changes immediately on the monitor


Signal Conditioning
  • Integrates 8 channels of factory installed signal conditioners into its portable package
  • General Purpose DC/RMS-differential, impedance protected inputs, 25 mV to 500 VFS, RMS and zero suppress to 1000 V


Signal Capture
  • Capture signals of frequencies up to 35 kHz, too fast for real-time viewing
  • Trigger to capture transient events by pressing a front-panel button, by time, or on any combination of channels


Storing Setups and Signals
  • Both battery-backed memory and an optional, built-in, memory-card drive can be used to store complete TA11 recorder setups: channel settings, annotation, grid formats, etc.
  • Captured signals can be stored, as DOS files, on memory cards as an archive for later playback and analysis on recorder


Hard Copy Output
  • Select the grid format that fits your application from seven predefined and full-width, overlapping grids
  • Simultaneously record up to eight analog and eight event channels, turn any channel on or off
  • Overlap all signals with independent size and position for maximum resolution and comparative study
  • A QWERTY-layout keyboard on the touch screen allows easy entry of text: channel IDs and up to a full page of periodic text
Gould TA11-8 Features
  • Monitor signals at scrolling speeds up to 2.5 mm/s
  • Any combination of channels trigger on level and window with 0 to 100% pre-trigger
  • Signal capture to 8 Msamples from 1 to 250,000 samples/s
  • The RS-422A and IEEE-488 communication interfaces allow a program on a remote computer to completely control the recorder
  • Save setups and captured signals to PCMCIA 2.0 memory cards in DOS-compatible files
  • Thermal-array recorder prints discrete or overlapped traces at speeds from 0.01 to 200 mm/s with full annotation including user-entered channel ID
  • TTL-level inputs control chart speeds, pulse-drive the chart motor, and set grid and time marks on/off; outputs provide basic recorder status, trigger out, and motor pulses out
  • Optional View II software for Microsoft Windows-based analysis
Gould TA11-8 Specs
  • 11" Wide Paper. Folds to an 8½ x 11 stack
  • Internal Monitor for Real-Time Signal Display
  • Trigger on Any Combination of Channels with 0-100% Pretrigger
  • 8 Msamples of Storage Memory with Sampling Rates up to 250 kS/s
  • RS-422A and IEEE-488 Communication Interfaces
  • Removable Data Storage with PCMCIA Type II Memory Cards
  • Chart Speeds from 0.01 to 200 mm/s with Trace Overlap and Full Annotation Capabilities
  • TTL Signals Can Be Used to Control the Chart Speed and Chart Annotations
  • Optional View II Software for Windows®-Based Analysis