Gould TA240 EasyGraf Thermal Array Recorder

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GouldTA240 Thermal Array Recorder
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GouldTA240 Thermal Array Recorder GouldTA240 Thermal Array Recorder
Gould TA240
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TA240 Datasheet Accessory Kit
Easy to Carry

EasyGraf is light weight - 22 pounds - and compact. It easily fits under an airplane seat. Its power supply is designed for 110/240 VAC, 50/60 or 400 Hz (optional) line and 10 to 30 VDC operation.


Battery Pack (optional)

The battery pack quickly attaches to the recorder rear. It provides up to four hours of typical operation in the field.

Gould TA240 Features
  • User selectable push buttons to choose 21 chart speeds from 0.01 mm/s to 125 mm/s
  • Optional battery pack for remote line-free operation
  • Accommodates a wide selection of 6600 series signal conditioners offering isolated, differential inputs
  • Rugged metal construction and protective front panel allows operation in many environments
Gould TA240 Specs
Number of channels 1 or 2 selectable
Chart width 120 mm
Usable chart width 104 mm
Writing method Direct thermal array
Chart speeds 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 mm/sec, mm/min and ·100
Chart capacity Fan fold only: 300 sheets 120 x 150 mm
Chart formats 100 mm overlap, 2 x 40 mm
Real time display LED array showing the position of each trace
Number of analog channels Two in basic TA240
Analog trace position ±100% full scale
Number of event channels 6 standard with TTL low or contact closure input, 2 actuated via front panel
Input sensitivity 20 mV to 500 V full scale with 6600 DC Amplifier
Input type Isolated input to output, Differential; 2 x 1 MΩ impedance with 6600 DC Amplifier
Input connectors 8-pin DIN with 6600 AC Amplifier
Sampling frequency 5 kHz per channel
Frequency response DC to 500 Hz full scale
Time marks 1 and 10 s, 1 and 10 mn depending on chart speed selected
System annotation Time, date, chart, speed, chart paper page number
Channel identification Channel number, status from 6600 Signal Conditioner, at bottom of channel with line joining the trace to the number
Grid patterns 100 mm, 2 x 40 mm
Weight Two-channel recorder: 22 lb with two signal conditioners and cover
Battery pack: 20 lb