Gould Viper-TA Thermal Array Recorder

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Gould Viper-TA
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Viper-TA Datasheet
Viper TA thermal array recorder has built-in universal signal conditioners for measuring DC voltages from 1 millivolt to 1,000 volts, RMS voltages from 200 millivolts to 500 volts and temperatures using J, K, T, S, B, E, N and W5 thermocouples and Pt100 sensors.
Gould Viper-TA Features
  • 8 channels for measuring voltage, RMS, current or temperature
  • 10.4" color LCD display
  • Paper width is 270 mm or 10.5"
  • Maximum sampling rate of 250 kHz with 14 bit resolution
  • High performance post acquisition mathematics functions
  • Store set-ups and data on floppy diskette
Gould Viper-TA Specs
  • 10.5" (270 mm), Single-Head Thermal Array Recorder
  • Modular System with 4, 8, 12 or 16 Channels
  • 250 kHz Sampling Rate / Channel
  • Selectable Chart Speeds from 1 mm/hr to 200 mm/s
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition and Analysis Capabilities
  • Programmable 8 Channel Universal Amplifiers
  • Programmable Filters from 1 Hz to 10 kHz
  • 16 Event Markers for Triggering and Data Acquisition
  • RS232, Mouse, Keyboard and VGA Interfaces are Standard
  • 2 Alarm Outputs
  • Up to 16 Megasamples of transient memory and PCMCIA removable hard drive options up to 520 MB

Multi-channel triggering combined with 16 megawords of memory gives the Viper TA more signal capture capacity than most bench-tops and portables. Sample rates to 250 kilohertz and frequency response up to 30 kilohertz make the Viper TA an excellent transient capture instrument