Western Graphtec DMS1000 Mark 12 Recorder

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Graphtec DMS1000 Recorder
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Graphtec DMS1000
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With the Western Graphtec DMS1000 Mark 12 Recorder you can place any trace anywhere on the paper, and make it any size. With this Recorder you have the ability to set up the machine completely the way you want. Convenient jog dial and buttons along the right side of the LCD display make setup and operation fast and easy.
Options & Upgrades
  • M12-4E four-channel input card (see photo at right), 14-bit ADC's, on-board DSP, programmable zero suppression and filtering, selectable RMS recording mode, selectable anti-aliasing filtering
  • M12-TCT time code card interface for NASA and IRIG time codes
  • M12-SCSI interface for connecting one internal and many external SCSI drives
  • M12-IH8000 8 GB internal SCSI HDD
  • M12-EH8000 8 GB external SCSI HDD (daisy-chainable)
  • M12-2M memory upgrade for transient capture - up to four modules can be installed for 8 MS of capture memory
  • PZ-1000 chart paper
Graphtec DMS1000 Features
  • Up to 48 channels per system
  • Standard M12-TR transient capture card and 512 kS of RAM for data capturing
  • Includes special data search software - find captured data by slope, amplitude, frequency, dv/dt...then view and/or export selected areas to other media
  • Bandwidth (frequency response): Varies according to the input amp used
  • Optional SCSI interface plus internal and external hard drives for massive data storage
  • 200 kS/s sampling rate on all channels
  • Standard video display and graphical user interface
  • PCM-CIA slot and memory card is standard
  • Windows control and data upload software