Western Graphtec MC1000-12 12 - Channel Multicorder

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Graphtec MC1000-12
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12-Channel Multicorder
Graphtec MC1000-12 Features
  • POC Function
  • Multi-input support
  • Replay mode
  • Built-in LCD Display
  • Waveform recording modes
  • Digital mode
  • Alarm Settings
  • Analog feel for Optimum Conven
Graphtec MC1000-12 Specs
Form Factor Benchtop
Type Pen
Number of Channels 12 Ch
Measurement Parameter DCV, Thermocouple
Minimum Voltage 1 mV
Maximum Voltage 500 V
Input Coupling DC
Input Impedance 1 M ohms
Maximum Chart Width 250 mm
Minimum Chart Speed 7.5 mm/hr
Maximum Chart Speed 20 mm/sec
Trigger Source External
Trigger Modes Manual,Signal
Display Type LCD
User Interface Proprietary
Ports to Peripheral Devices GPIB,RS232C
Test Pattern Storage 3 filles
Thermocouples Supported Type J, K and T