GYYR TLC1550 Time Lapse Recorder

GYYR TLC1550 Time Lapse Recorder High Speed Video Scan Rate
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Graphtec TLC1550
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Time Lapse Recorder, NTSC, VHS
Graphtec TLC1550 Features
  • Tape Cassette: Standard 2-hour 1/2" VHS T-120 (NTSC)
  • Selectable Times: 00 (ONE-SHOT), 02, 12, 24, 48, 72, 120, 168, 240, 360 and 480
  • High Speed Video Scan Rate: 3.5 x 2 hour speed


  • Signal Format: EIA Standard: 525 lines, 60 fields, NTSC color (Color/Black White Auto select)
  • Input: 1.0V p-p 75 ohm unbalanced
  • Output: 1.0V p-p ohm unbalanced
  • Horizontal Resolution: 350 lines-monochrome; 240 lines-color

  • Input:
    Mic: -66dBm, 600 ohm unbalanced
    Line: -20dBm, 50 Kohm unbalanced
  • Output: -10dBm, 600 ohm impedance, unbalanced
  • Frequency Response: ±3dBm, 100KHz to 10KHz, 2 hour speed only


Time/Date Generator
  • Character:
    Height: 14 scan lines
    Position: Adjustable top to bottom, left to right
    Brightness: White or black
  • Display 1st Line: Month, Day, Year (CCIR: Day, Month, Year), Power Loss, Week Day and Alarm count
  • Display 2nd Line: Hour, Minutes, Seconds, AM/PM (NTSC only), Record Speed, Timer "ON", and Security Lock
  • Format: 12-hour (AM/PM) or no display (NTSC)


Alarm Command
  • Input: by contact closure. Recording rates of 60 or 10 pictures each second
  • Output: Alarm durations of 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or Manual
  • Status Output:
    Record Out: +10V signal during the Record mode


  • Video In: BNC
  • Video Out: BNC
  • Mic In: 1/4" phone jack
  • Audio In: Line: RCA phone jack
  • Audio Out: Line: RCA phone jack
  • Remote Control Connector: Miniature phone jack; Subminiature phone jack
  • Alarm In: Terminal Strip
  • Alarm Out: Terminal Strip
  • Record Out: Terminal Strip
  • One-Shot In: 1/8" mini-jack