Western Graphtec WR5020-8 8 - Channel Thermal Strip Chart Recorder

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Western Graphtec WR5020-8
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Graphtec WR5020
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8 Channel Thermal Strip Chart Recorder
Graphtec WR5020 Features
  • Portable, lightweight 8-channel recorder - easy to use as a pen recorder but with modern thermal array capabilities
  • Single Graphtec printhead allows printing across entire 15.3" wide chart - no DATA GAP down the center as with dual-printhead machines. Also: only 1 mm gap between printing and visibility
  • Real-time Bandwidth: DC to 10 kHz
  • One-touch TRACE EXPANSION key expands traces from 8 x 40 mm to 4 x 80 mm, to 2 x 160 mm, and even 1 x 320 mm wide (overlapped)
  • Extremely small 1 mm gap between printhead dots and visibility - crucial for real-time applications
  • Includes: Capture Memory capability, high-level triggering modes, 256 kwords divisible among 1, 2, 4 or all 8 channels, plus 64 kB personal memory card and port (Note: memory may not be available on all models)
  • Accepts a wide range of plug-in preamplifiers (Consult sales rep.)
  • Channel ID of overlapping traces, plus 32 characters of annotation per channel
  • 14-bit A/D converters for highly accurate analysis - built-in GPIB interface
  • Compact, lightweight - 40 lbs