Western Graphtec WR7600 Thermal Arraycorder

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Graphtec WR7600 Thermal Arraycorder 7.5 kg
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Graphtec WR7600
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WR7600 Datasheet
The Western Graphtec WR7600 Thermal Arraycorder is not only outstandingly dynamic but also is, at a mere 7.5 kg, the lightest weight design in its class. It is a truly active recorder and can run on either an AC or DC power supply. This high-tech recorder can play an active role in virtually any conceivable measurement site and environment, offering new possibilities that conventional recorders until now were not able to provide. The Graphtec WR7600 Thermal Arraycorder can run on a DC power supply at sites where AC power is unavailable, and it is so lightweight you can carry it with one hand. This single recorder can easily record at sites that were formerly inaccessible using conventional recorders.
Graphtec WR7600 Specs
Measuring functions Direct mode: Y-T, X-Y, logging
Memory mode: Y-T, X-Y
No. of channels Four
Channel configuration (Specify when ordering) (1) 4 analog amps
(2) 3 analog amps + 1 logic amp
(3) 2 analog amps + 2 logic amps
(4) 4 logic amps (There are 8 channels per logic amp)
Event marking between channels 4 channels (only in Direct Y-T mode)
Memory capacity 32 k words/ch (1 word = 8 bits)
Recording method Thermal-sensitive recording
Recording resolution 6 dots/mm
Recording paper Roll paper (110-mm wide x 40-m long)
Recording width (Signal recording amplitude) Approx 0.83 mm (500 dots)
Waveform monitor (for analog amps) Recording position independently displayed by 12-dot LED for each channel
Channel identification Channel markings (appended to analog recording)
System annotation Date, time, recording mode, data number, trigger conditions, sampling speed, chart speed, scaling, measurement start/stop times, trigger time, time axis
Channel annotation Channel number, amp type, channel ID, input ON/OFF, sensitivity, position (digital values)
Operation Interactive settings using an LCD panel
Comment functions (User annotation) 8 characters per channel can be input via the control panel Comment input via the GP-IB interface
Remote functions Command control via TTL remote functions (start/stop, EXT clock input) and the GP-IB interface
Interface functions Control of WR7600 via the GP-IB interface (optional, please check availability) Readout of input data
Operating environment 0 to 40 C, 35 to 85% RH
Rated power supply 100 VAC , 10%, 50/60 Hz (equipped with 115, 200, 220, 240V selector)