Haefely PCD 430 Coupling Network, 32A per phase @ 600V

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Rent Haefely PCD 430 CDN 32A per phase @ 600V Coupling Network for UL 1449 Table 34.1, Table 35.1, Table B1.1
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Haefely PCD 430
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PCD 430 Datasheet
CDN 32A per phase @ 600V, Coupling Network for UL 1449 & ANSI C62.41
Haefely PCD 430 Features
  • System can be configured for UL 1449 and ANSI C62.41 testing.
  • Impulse parameters guaranteed at CDN output.
  • Automatic impulse type switching during testing.
  • Highly accurate and reliable semiconductor discharge switch places the pulse at the selected angle on the selected phase.
  • Part of the Haefely PIM 400 Surge Test System
Haefely PCD 430 Specs
EUT AC Voltage: 690V (phase-phase)
EUT AC Current: 32A per phase
Overcurrent Protection: 32A in all phases
Synchronization: with coupling phase