Hexagon 4.5.4 SF Coordinate Measuring Machine

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The Hexagon 4.5.4 Shop Floor (SF) Coordinate Measuring Machine provides many benefits such as accuracy, extended temperature range and weight support. However, the most notable benefit would be its flexibility. This is due to the Hexagon 4.5.4 SF's compact footprint and roll-around stand. The stand is designed to fit through a standard door, letting the user easily relocate the 4.5.4 SF anywhere in the shop where a 110V outlet is present and precise dimensional inspection is required. This machine integrates advanced thermal compensation to adjust for shop floor temperature gradients. Protective covered ways guard the machine’s scales from collecting dirt and dust, ultimately affecting the machine’s performance.

Other features of the Hexagon 4.5.4 SF Coordinate Measuring Machine include the ability to see work easily, isolating vibration for increased accuracy and confidence in results, and the management of thermal swings. Bellows and covers reduce cycle times by avoiding the need to have to take trips to a separate environmentally controlled quality lab located somewhere else in your facility. The 4.5.4's optional kinematic integrated fixturing supports screw into specially located table hole locations to receive kinematic fixture plates for easy part load/unload.