Hexagon Absolute Arm 6-Axis Series Measuring Arms

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The Hexagon Absolute Arm 6-Axis Series is a line of portable measuring arms with the option for entry-level 3D scanning. Hexagon Absolute Arm 6-Axis measuring arms are designed for ease-of-movement and total portability. Absolute Encoders are installed in every articulated joint of the arm, eliminating encoder referencing and warm-up times. Operators can choose from nearly 100 probe tip accessories, simplifying the process of finding the right tool for any touch probe or infrared tube probe application. The Absolute Arm 6-Axis offers options for WiFi and battery operation and is ISO 10360-12 certified for probing accuracy.
Series Max. Reach Accuracy (EUNI1)
83 Series 1.49 m to 4.73 m 0.024 mm to 0.120 mm
85 Series 1.49 m to 4.73 m 0.019 mm to 0.080 mm
87 Series 2.73 m to 4.73 0.026 mm to 0.074 mm

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