High Voltage Inc. CDS-2010U Cable Fault Locator

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High Voltage Inc. CDS-2010U Cable Fault Locator
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High Voltage Inc. CDS-2010U
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CDS-2010U Datasheet
The CDS Series of Controlled Energy fault locators are self contained, semi-portable combination test sets for testing and fault locating in primary cable systems. They are designed to provide constant energy at each of three different switch selectable output voltages. The controlled energy feature provides full energy at each output voltage tap, allowing the user to thump at a lower voltage with a higher energy while minimizing further cable damage.
High Voltage Inc. CDS-2010U Features
  • Combination Hipot, Burner and Fault Locator
  • Constant energy at each output voltage setting
  • Adjustable thump (impulse) repetition rate, from 6 – 10 seconds
  • Motorized output voltage tap switch
  • Internal Arc Reflection Filter, standard on all units
  • Simplified Controls for minimal operator training
  • Zero Start high voltage interlock
  • Highest burning capability, compared to other units of same size
  • Single pulse or continuous discharge modes
  • Side mounted storage reel to hold cables and accessories
  • Output vise clamps for assured contact to test cable and ground
  • Single piece construction
  • Operation from either line, generator or inverter
  • Manually operated internal heater to minimize excessive moisture buildup
  • Ruggedized transient protected meters
  • Emergency stop mushroom switch
High Voltage Inc. CDS-2010U Specs
Input 120 V, 60Hz, 20 A
230 V, 50/60Hz, 10 A
Output/ Burn Current 0-5/10/20 kVdc 400/200/100 mAdc
Capacitor Discharge Energy Continuous
Repetition Rate 6-10 Seconds
Voltmeter 3.5 inch, scaled 0-20 kVdc
Current Meter 3.5 inch, scaled 0-400 mAdc
Cable Lengths Input: 10 ft.
Output Cable: 50 ft, 12 ft. with reel
Ground Lead: 25 ft.
Dimensions 27" w x 27" d x 48" h
686 mm w x 686 mm d x 1219 mm h
Weight 260 lbs/118 kgs