High Voltage Inc. CDS-2010UF Cable Fault Locator

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High Voltage Inc. CDS-2010UF Cable Fault Locator
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High Voltage Inc. CDS-2010UF
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CDS-2010UF Datasheet
Efficient fault locating requires the convergence of knowledge, methodology, and the right hardware. A total approach is needed to get the job done quickly to minimize customer outage time and damage to the cable system. This includes knowledge of the cable systems design, construction, and history, accurate maps, proper fault locating procedures, the right thumper, some cable burn down method, use of tdr/radar, and a top level acoustical & electromagnetic listening device.
High Voltage Inc. CDS-2010UF Features
  • Three full joule output voltage settings
  • Three fully variable hipot output voltages
  • The highest Burn current available
  • Internal Arc Reflection and Current Impulse filter
  • Compatible with nearly all TDR/radar models
  • The most rugged and reliable design
  • World's only VLF Thumper combination
  • Discharge 1000J at only 5kV
  • Rugged, transit protected meters
  • External Interlock
  • Emergency OFF mushroom switch
  • Internal heater to limit condensation
High Voltage Inc. CDS-2010UF Specs
Input 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 15 A
Hipot Output: 0 - 5/10/20 kVdc
Hipot Burn Current: 400/200/100 mAdc
Discharge Output: 1000 Joules at each output voltage
Discharge Rate: 6-10 seconds
TDR Interface: Arc Reflection & Current Impulse
Dimensions: 27" w x 27" d x 48" h
Weight 260 lbs
Cable outputs: 50' HV EPR, return & ground. EPR cable stays flexible in cold weather