High Voltage Inc. DTS-100D Oil Dielectric Test Set

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High Voltage Inc. DTS-100D Oil Dielectric Test Set
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High Voltage Inc. DTS-100D
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The DTS Series of Oil/Liquid Dielectric AC test sets provide repeatable and accurate measurement of the breakdown voltage of insulating fluids used in transformers, circuit breakers, bushings, capacitors, etc. It is rugged, reliable, and designed with field use in mind.
High Voltage Inc. DTS-100D Features
  • Three motorized rates of rise: 500V/2000V/3000V per second
  • Rate of rise selector switch
  • Arc detection with automatic shutdown
  • Zero Start safety and test chamber interlock provision
  • One-piece portable design
  • Window panel for test observation
  • Failure indicator
  • Accessory outlet located within test chamber
  • Simple controls
High Voltage Inc. DTS-100D Specs
Input 120V, 60Hz, 7 Amps
or 230V, 50/60Hz, 4 Amps
Output 0 – 100 kVac, 800 VA Resistive Load
Output Termination Dual high voltage sections with brass
corona spheres mounting in test chamber
Testing Standards ASTM D877, ASTM D1816, IEC 156
Gap Gauges Available 0.04" / 0.08" / 0.10" ± 0.0002"
1 mm / 2 mm / 2.5 mm ± 0.005 mm
Operating Temperature -14°F to 104°F
-10°C to 40°C
Distortion < 5%
Kilovolt Meter and Accuracy 3.5 Digit LED, Scaled 0 – 100 kVac RMS
2% of full scale
Dimensions and Weight 18.5" w x 16.5" d x 16.5" h, 100 lbs.
470 mm w x 419 mm d x 419 mm h, 45 kg